Ihlas News Agency was founded in 1993 in Turkey. Since 1993, the company has been operating in the Middle East, expanding and opening new offices World wide . IHA is one of the best news agencies World wide based on criteria such as rapid Access to international news , capacity of live footage and the number of technical facilities in Foreign countries. On March 19,2001, IHA has obtained the ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate from the American Quality Association (AQA) Ihlas news agency provided services to the clients from various hot spots such as Kosovo war and the 2nd Intifada ( Gaza, Ramallah and in Jerusalem), Afghanistan war in 2001, Iraq war in 2003, in the Georgian – Russia war , and in Ukraine during the crisis with Russia in 2018 , and we are proude to be one of the fastest news agencies in operating in hot spots around the World . IHA has renewed its equipment together with the developing technology and reached the HD equipment infrastructure. We provide technical services to TV channels with SNG live broadcast vehicles and studios in different parts of the World. We Have 45 live broadcast devices such as TV-u, Live-U and similar equipments in different parts of the world by keeping up with technological developments. IHA has studio, SNG and 4G devices in the cities below:

Brussels, Berlin, Istanbul, Ankara, London, Paris, Madrid, Washinton DC, New York, Los Angelas, Moscow, Athens, Kabul, Islamabad, Tehran, Baghdad, Northern Iraq, Tripoli, Benghazi, Misrata, Tunisia, Khartoum, Kuwait, Cairo Nouakchott, RabatMasqat, Gaza, Ramallah, Doha. And we can provide it anywhere you want according to your request.

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